Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, OEM Wallpapers

I have permissions to do what I do, so there is no need to be concerned about legal matters (redistribution). I was given approval by Microsoft and could probably pull up the permission email if necessary. Apple had not replied to me, but based on permission given by MS I don’t see why they’d care. Materials such as these are all over Google and DeviantArt and various search engines image search and the internets anyway. I’m just trying to make it easier by having it all in one central portal.

I’d like to share the famous big collection of default Microsoft (Windows), Apple (Mac), Linux, and OEM wallpaper backgrounds that my friend (Thomas) and I spread to many boards. We’ve been doing this for so long and it gets appreciated where ever it goes.

We usually make future updates in the form of ImageShack uploads and post the thumbnails linking to the original sizes of the wallpapers, and also post updated RAR links. We used to have an actual gallery, but our project has grown so big so many times we’ve had to change hosts and haven’t had the time to redo the gallery yet, but we plan to bring it back eventually. However, if anyone else wants to do a gallery for us it’s fine by me as long as you give proper credit.

This is my way of contributing immediately after joining any community I go to. It often tends to bring many searchers; just keep an eye on the topic views back out in the forum. From past experiences this sometimes brings many new visitors and hits due to search engine archiving and crawling and content such as this being a popular search term.

Recently, we have gotten some requests for permission to use these wallpapers, and links to the downloads, on other websites. We ask that, if you do wish to, please feel free, however, we do want some form of recognition for doing the work. Something along the lines of “Created and maintained by Ryan & Thomas” would be sufficient. Also, we ask that you PM us the link, send us a board email, or post the link here after you have done so. This way, we can know just how far our project is spreading. Thanks for the appreciation, the contributions, and the support you’ve all given us. We’re always on the hunt for more, so please, if you have something you don’t think is in our list, feel free to share, and we’ll be glad to include it. Thanks again, and happy downloading!

Indeed, Thomas did help me with this project of ours. When updates come about, he’d likely be the one to post them. We hope this contribution will be enjoyed here as much as it is at other places around the web. We try to bring new material at least once a month, but it varies, sometimes more sometimes less. Enjoy it in any case, and if you have something that you feel we should include, please feel free to share. Thanks, and enjoy!

These wallpapers are not created by us, they are what comes by default with the versions of Windows, Mac OSX, various Linux distros, and the many OEM computer distributors. We collect them as a hobby though, yes.

We have not forgotten about this… we’ve just been very busy, like everyone else in the world. We still collect and share whenever we find new material and have time. I expected activity to pick up during the Windows 7 builds once a proper beta testing period began because Longhorn/Vista betas had constant new wallpapers and I knew 7 to be similar.

Main download links:
Apple Mac:
Microsoft (no Vista):
Microsoft (with Vista):
OEM 1:
OEM 2:
to be verified:

Seven specific:
Build 7048:
Build 7057:
Build 7068:
Build 7072:
Build 7077:
Build 7106:


Please enjoy. My partner in this project has been keeping himself very busy for a long time now, but as I said we have not been neglecting this project or the gallery. It’s been just me trying to keep it updated with only RAR files, but I promise to announce when he’s got a proper gallery going (unless anyway else is up for the time consuming task).