Neowin forum #168

NSFW – Back Stage Pass

Not Safe For Work: Where people who give us money can run amok

Welcome to the Neowin backstage area. This is a subscriber only area, so there are some house rules when posting here.

  • This area may contain non work-safe posts, topics posted here may not be discussed in the public forums.
  • People old, sensible and mature enough to contribute to the Neowin ‘gold reserve’ are also expected to show the same maturity in judgment.
    If you don’t like this area, skip it and enjoy our other subscriber options that you paid for.
  • While we observe a lax ruleset here, flamebaiting and general assholiness is still considered a warnable offense.
  • Pornography and graphically violent pictures are still not acceptable in this area. ‘Babes’ are..

Other than the above, don’t try to wiggle through loopholes, (that will just piss off the moderators) just enjoy yourselves in this less restricted area.

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